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Frequently asked questions - exact answers

Why do TM “RainWay” products include screws of different length? The presence of screws of different lengths, namely: 100 mm, 160 mm and 220 mm, makes it possible to fix the pipe brackets both directly to the wall and through insulation of different thicknesses. The design allows you to tighten the screw using the bracket itself. In addition, the complete set of a screw with a dowel eliminates the need to independently select a dowel of the appropriate size.
How many brackets are required to install RainWay downpipes? The brackets are installed evenly along the entire length of the pipe at the rate: 1 pipe - 3 brackets. The distance between them must be at least 1.5 m.
What are the advantages of a drainage system funnel TM "RainWay"? The design of our funnel allows you to either connect 2 gutters with it or insert a whole gutter into it with a cut hole for the drain. The flow dividers on the inner wall prevent the formation of a vortex, thereby increasing the flow of the funnel.
Why do some elements of connection of drainpipes of TM "RainWay" have a double wall at the bottom? Pipe couplings, two-coupling bends and tees of TM "RainWay" have a double wall in their lower part. This allows pipes to be connected without using unnecessary elements and prevents leakage at the joints.
What kind of sealant is used in the drainage systems of TM "RainWay"? This is a seal made of closed-cell EPDM rubber, which reliably seals the system connections without interfering with the expansion of the gutters.
How to solve the problem with the fastening of rainwater systems TM "RainWay" in the absence of a wind (frontal) board? Two types of TM "RainWay" extensions - straight and twisted, allow you to fix the gutter brackets in the absence of a wind (front) board. Straight lines are attached to the roof, on its flat part (before laying the roofing material), twisted - on the rafter.
What distance should be between the bracket and the connecting element of the gutter in TM "RainWay"? The maximum distance between the gutter bracket and the connecting element (gutter funnel, gutter sleeve, internal and external corners) should not exceed 10 cm.
How many gutter brackets are needed to install RainWay TM drainage systems? For reliable operation of the TM "RainWay" system, it is necessary to use 6 brackets for each 3-meter gutter. They also need to be evenly distributed over the entire length of the gutter.
What is the warranty for gutter systems? The systems of TM "RainWay" have a 10-year warranty. Learn more about Warranty [PDF, 106Kb]

What are the dimensions of the drainage systems of TM "RainWay"? There are 2 standard sizes of rainwater systems TM "RainWay":

  • - RainWay 130/100, L3m, 2m
  • - RainWay 90/75, L3m, 2m